Elias Williams

Elias Williams is a New York based photographer whose work honors underrepresented people in the United States. Through portraiture and long-form essays he studies the cultural and historical significance of everyday people within these communities. Elias grew up in St. Albans. St. Albans is the inspiration for the series "St. Albans: Finding a True Identity".


Emmett Wigglesworth

Emmett Wigglesworth is a muralist, painter, sculptor, fabric designer, poet and civil rights activist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has resided in New York since 1958. Wigglesworth is known for his abstract and colorful murals that he says are inspired by his own cultural heritage and life experience. Mr. Wigglesworth lives in Jamaica, Queens and has done so for decades.


Lyvan Munlyn

Lyvan Alexander Munlyn has been a Scenic Charge for many popular movies like The Departed, Meet Joe Black, Spider-Man, The Stepford Wives, War of The Worlds and Shaft an number of other major motion pictures. His most recent accomplishments is as the Head Scenic charge for digital shorts on the set of Saturday Night Live. Still, despite his reputable contributions to the film industry, Lyvan’s paintings, particularly on canvas and so much more, stand as the impetus of his creative talents. Lyvan’s work is distinguished by an acute sense of sensation and atmosphere, evoking the aura of an immediate time and place with diverse palettes and intentional brush strokes. His colorful and energetic pieces still the time and capsulize the essence of iconic moments—the sprawl of bustling inner cities and romantic settings, heightened in a vacuum of imagination. This ability to consolidate dynamic energy in a single frame is a skill Lyvan has forged since his youth. Lyvan Munlyn lives in St. Albans based painter.

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Margaret Rose Vendryes

Margaret Rose Vendryes entered the faculty of York College and The Graduate Center in 2000. She is the author of Barthé, A Life in Sculpture (2008). Vendryes returned to York College, in 2013, as Distinguished Lecturer in Fine Arts and Director of the York College Fine Arts Gallery after a seven-year absence during which she established a successful studio practice. As a visual artist, Vendryes is best known for her painting series The African Diva Project which merges African masks with commercial images of popular black women soloists. She is currently Chair of the Department of Performing and Fine Arts.practice.

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Mc Alexander Ciceron

Mc Alexander Ciceron is a photographer born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and based in New York. At a young age, he found a creative outlet in playing with watercolor and acrylics. He developed an interest in photography when he became fascinated with his godfather’s new camera at seven years old. It wasn’t until freshman year studying documentary at York College that he finally purchased his first camera. Despite the lack of accessibility to the photography world, his passion, curiosity and hard work have led him to collaborate with some of the most recognizable photographers and models in the industry.


Rod Ivey

Rod Ivey, born in Manhattan in 1950 and raised in the Bronx, has lived in New York all his life. His early artistic influences were his father, Dwellie Ivey, who studied at the Art Students League while Rod was a toddler, and MAD Magazine cartoonist Jack Davis. Rod Ivey is a Hollis based painter.